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  • Maria_and_ken_4
    Various pics of Bahrain


  • Beach_1
    Cyprus Vacation pics

Philippines Feb 06

  • Dsc00533
    A few pics of our reunion in the Philippines.


  • Dsc00110
    A few pictures of my vacation to Thailand

Maldives Trip

  • Dsc01928
    Some pictures of my vacation to the Maldives Sep 2005.

Pictures of Kuwait

  • Dsc01698
    A few pictures I have taken since i've been here in Kuwait. I haven't taken many due to my work schedule, but i'll try harder in the future.

The Fearsome Foursome

  • Yvonne and Glenna
    Pictures of the cast of characters frequently mentioned in this blog

Family Pictures

  • The_figueras_family
    Pics, old and new of me and my family